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  1. Hi Joe — Sorry for the delay in response. For some reason, I didn’t get a notification of your comment. A few used copies of Writing Home are available on Amazon, but most are listed at more than the retail price. New copies are available from Yellow Door Art Market in Berkley, MI (link to the store is included in the post) If you live out of town and would like to purchase a book directly from me, please email me:

  2. Ms. Leferle, I lived nextdoor to your home for several year in the late ‘50s, prior to the home being built for Carl Schultz’ daughter. Next to your home lived the Klaus family. Dad was a doctor and four kinds. The Capone mansion across the street was always a curiosity. Still remember how beautiful it was inside. There used to be a wonderful set of driveway gates that I believe are now gone.

    Was a great street to live on and we all used to play in the ravine. Glad you have restored the Schultz home to its former glory. What a beautiful setting! Kim Wolford

  3. Cindy, read your column “Be nice to your server” in the Sunday OP. Just went to a restaurant yesterday. Am always cordial to servers so when I meet one who is dismally stand-offish, regardless of my attitude, it’s hard to feel their pain. Yes, I know others could have been giving her a rough time, but I normally go out of my way to be pleasant and conversational.

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