The annual spring fashion report


Accessories at the Studio Sandra clothing boutique, Royal Oak. Photo by Cindy La Ferle

Here in Detroit, there’s no shortage of stylish, creative women. In the May issue of Michigan Prime, I return to the topic of discovering and celebrating our individual style — despite the fact that most fashion magazines still overlook women over 50. For this story, I interviewed several local women of style, including Sandra Rome, the owner of Studio Sandra, a tres-chic boutique in Royal Oak. 

Look for the magazine in your Sunday Detroit Free Press this weekend, or click here to read the feature online.

Click here to read an earlier fashion post that includes links to a few of my favorite fashion blogs for women over 50.


2 thoughts on “The annual spring fashion report

  1. Enjoyed your Life Lines article about fashion for women over 40. It is quite a spread though from “over 40” to those over 70 who still want to be fashionable but may be a bit more conservative. Also clothes at Leon & Lulu and Janet Varner tend to run on the high end of the $$. Wonderful, timeless perhaps, but not within some budgets of seniors. I recently overheard a “mature” woman at an event comment that her dress was $700, but she was also going to get to wear it to again this summer. Calulated that means the average was $350 per wearing which does bring down the price. 🙂 It did look awesome on her and the quality definitely showed. Then there is the information that Studio Sandra carries items for women between the ages of 30 and 80. Soooo what happens to those that are pushing 80 or over 80.??? 🙂 I realize that it was a figure of speech and it did give me a chuckle. Now throw in the figure issues of age and some of the easy to wear clothes just tend to hug those little or big “wrinkles” around our hips. I did look up her site and what I saw would not be items that I would feel comfortable in now or at 40. Soooo for many of us it is still a search.
    A famous actress once said something like this–to wear things that would be flattering to you from the waist up because that is where you want people to look and see you. So it is black pants for me and I work on the top half being attractive, flattering and not to dated. 🙂
    This is just observing from one in the “higher” numbers.

  2. Linda, thanks for your comments. Interesting points. The point of the article — at least what I got from all the women I interviewed, is that women of all ages should stop taking clothing and fashion so seriously — and start having some fun again.

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