Losing a parent, finding comfort

IMG_0660Losing a beloved parent is difficult, no matter how old you are. As we age, we find ourselves attending more funerals for the parents of our friends. So, how do we support and comfort each other after such a life-altering loss?

My November column in Michigan Prime discusses this issue. Look for the print edition in your Sunday Detroit News and Free Press (subscribers only) or read it in the online edition.

6 thoughts on “Losing a parent, finding comfort

  1. I read your column today. Lovely. There is no doubt friends, neighbors and family are the key to traveling along life’s path. I was glad to read your special people enveloped you in the warmth of caring.

  2. Cindy, I’ve read over the years about your relationship with your mom and her memory issues and the toll it took on both of you. I was so sad when your mom passed as I know despite her health issues– no one loves you like your mom– and it’s a very difficult loss. It’s good to know that you had support of loved ones to help you initially and as your “year of first” without your mom carries on they’ll still be there for you.
    xo jj

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