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"Becoming" by Cindy La Ferle

“Becoming” by Cindy La Ferle

No, I havent gone missing — its just that Ive been lured “off-campus” by my other blog. This year, I finally gathered a portfolio of my artwork and started building a separate site for it. Ive created the new art blog by myself — no help from the family geeks — and I’m having a blast learning how to build and customize the pages. I just added a separate page of quotes on creativity and links to my favorite artists. Too much fun!

Once traffic builds there, Ill post regular updates. And, if there’s enough interest, Ill include a few tutorials on mixed-media art projects you can make at home. Meanwhile, heres the new link: Cindy La Ferles Mixed-Media. I hope youll visit the site and subscribe for updates. (It might be the only place to find me until spring break.)

P.S.: My art is featured this week in The Oakland Press and The Macomb Daily(4/14). Click here to see it.

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  1. What can I say–the journey through the Creative Obsessions blog is awe inspiring. I marvel at your creative ability. I look forward to following this blog also. Thank you Cindy.

    • Thanks so much for taking time to visit, “Momma” … and did you see the piece in the OP? (I recall you worked there.) I hope you can subscribe to the art blog. It has an easy email subscription option (you’ll see it on the panel). But several of us have tried it and have yet to received an update. Stay tuned! 🙂

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