Love those red shoes!

When in doubt, wear red. Red is the ultimate cure for sadness.” –Bill Blass

Big news for devoted fans of red shoes: A pair of ruby slippers worn by Judy Garland in The Wizard of Oz will be auctioned off in December by Profiles in History, a California auction house.

As MSN Entertainment reported last week, replicas of the ruby slippers, including stunt shoes for the film, were sold in previous auctions. But the pair that’s up for bidding at the “Icons of Hollywood” event is one of four original pairs used in the filming ofย The Wizard of Oz in 1939. (One pair is displayed at the “Icons of American Culture” exhibition at the Smithsonian National Museum of American History.)

I’ve always thought it strange that the famous shoes were called “slippers” in the classic film. Most women would agree that they were actually pumps with substantial heels. Those heels took Dorothy on a major detour through the haunted woods and held up for her big chase scene at the Wicked Witch’s castle. By the time she finally reached Oz, her footwear hadn’t lost a single sequin. That was one powerful pair of slippers.

The ruby slippers inspired me, early on, to start my own small collection of red shoes. Shopping online last month, I discovered a glittery pair that conjured a cheerful memory of Garland dancing with Ray Bolger’s “Scarecrow” down the Yellow Brick Road. Mine will likely dance with my husband at a Christmas party or a wedding reception. But even though I had no specific occasion in mind — and I really didn’t need more shoes! — I had to purchase the pair right away.

So, what is it about red shoes? Aside from their literary ties to the fabled Oz, why do red shoes seem to possess magical attributes?

For some fresh insight, I approached a long-distance friend, Bridgette, whose delightful blog is titled Life in Red Shoes. Bridgette claims that you can’t have a bad day if you’re wearing a pair of red shoes.

“I love them, wildly, madly, deeply. Just can’t get enough,” Bridgette told me.

“It was during a low point, one that lasted several years, that I bought my first pair of red shoes. It must have been the late 80s, and color was all the rage…remember neon? I was in a Payless shoe store, the only place I could afford at the time, and there they were — a pair of cherry red moc crock loafers!”

Bridgette was smitten, but she wondered: Were the shoes too bold? Do I dare wear them? What would people think? Of course, she bought the shoes anyway, and it didn’t take her long to find the courage to wear them. Today, she owns an impressive collection of footwear in riotous shades of red.

So, what is it about red shoes? Aside from their literary ties to the fabled Oz, why do red shoes seem to possess magical attributes?

As most women agree, red shoes aren’t for shrinking violets. They’re for women who refuse to surrender to a lousy mood; women who believe they have a God-given right to have fun — at any age.

“Wearing red shoes makes a statement,” Bridgette explains. “When you wear red shoes, you’re saying: I don’t take myself too seriously, I laugh out loud, and I don’t let the bastards get me down! Wearing a pair of red shoes is like adding an exclamation mark to your outfit, a smile to your feet, sunbeams streaming to your toes!”

But Bridgette’s blog isn’t limited to the topic of collecting shoes. For this grandmother in Utah, “Life in Red Shoes” is a byproduct of her midlife mission. It’s all about rediscovering what makes her happy — and finding inspiration in her daily round. She might post a reflection on her experience as a school teacher or share photos of a new craft project she just finished.

That said, when I first discovered Bridgette’s blog, I was inspired to pull my own collection of red shoes from the back of my closet — and to start wearing them.

My red shoes are a small but powerful antidote to the problems I’ve been wrestling with lately — including finding the right help for an elderly mother who’s falling under the cruel spell of dementia. As Bridgette reminded me, it’s important for all of us to savor the simple pleasures that lift our spirits, and to seize, as Dorothy did, every chance we get to step out of our comfort zones.

If you’re not a wearer of red shoes, do you have another article of footwear or clothing that wakes you up and makes your heart sing? — Cindy La Ferle

QUICK UPDATE: Bridgette, otherwise known to her friends as “Red,” just posted some photographs of her feet wearing red shoes from her impressive collection. Click here to see the photos on “Life in Red Shoes.”

16 thoughts on “Love those red shoes!

  1. I LOVE red shoes, so why don’t I have any? *I don’t wear red well*

    Every time you put them on, think of it as your first step down the yellow brick road … and you can’t help but to smile.

  2. Red is a great accent/neutral and I see red shoes but I’m so darn picky about comfort with shoes and I haven’t found just the pair for me! But I love this post! And I’ll keep looking!

    • Starrlife — I know what you mean. I found a pair of red flats made by HushPuppies that are really comfortable, great for work and tooling around town. Look for them on Zappos. Also, shoes made by Me Too have a lot of padding and are designed for comfort, even with heels.

    • @ Elizabeth: UPDATE: The article I read on MSN said that the Profiles in History auction house “had acquired the most famous footwear in Hollywood” and would be selling them. Not sure how they were “acquired,” but the article stated that “there are four pairs of screen-used ruby slippers known to have survived the 70 years since the making of ‘The Wizard of Oz.’ One pair is the centre piece of the Icons of American Culture exhibition at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History.” The article goes on to report that another pair was stolen from the Judy Garland Musuem in Minnesota.

      You’ll note that I updated the first paragraph of the post to clarify that there are four “original” pairs of ruby slippers.

  3. Several years ago I noticed a tap dance class at OPC (Older Persons’ Commission) in Rochester. I never danced as a child so this was my chance to play. I bought red tap dancing shoes and had the very best time and was even in a show! My husband was very impressed!!

  4. what other kind of shoes are there?
    One of the reasons I followed Red..was because of her blogname…and then I followed because I was totaly smittten with her attitude…she’s a doll
    with teeth
    and may I just comment on how well you expressed this all…wonderful reading…easy
    Red shoes….only a confident woman wears them
    I have 10 pair

  5. @Sandi — I love that photo of you dancing in red shoes. That says it all!

    So glad to hear how many of you are into this. And Suz, I love your description of “Red” as a “doll with teeth” — that’s spot on! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Cindy, you inspired me to go out and get another pair of red shoes. I used to have a pair of low-heel pumps that I’d wear to work occasionally (even had a matching red handbag). But after kids, I needed a larger size and forgot what fun it was to wear red!

    (By the way, I was surprised to find that in the book version of the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy’s shoes are silver. The shoe color changed for the movie.)

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