“Ahhh” is for aromatherapy

If you want your life to come together, you have to start treating yourself better.” — Sarah Ban Breathnach, Simple Abundance

Like most women I know, I’ve always felt a bit guilty about taking time out for myself — especially if there are people or household chores in need of my attention. Self-pampering? I rarely book a facial or a massage unless I’m on vacation. And with my mother’s health crisis topping my list of responsibilities now, well, let’s just say it’s twice as hard to find free space on my calendar.

In this week’s Patch column, I explain how a nudge from my husband gave me a much-needed break from the stress of care-giving — without driving too far from home. I hope the column inspires you to spoil yourself a little, too. Click here to read it. — CL

— Photo by Cindy La Ferle for Royal Oak Patch.com; Douglas J Aveda Institute in Royal Oak.

8 thoughts on ““Ahhh” is for aromatherapy

  1. Fatigue is such a debilitating state. We’re able to give so much more effectively to others when we’re rested and feel well. I’m glad you gave yourself some care … You know the saying … When Mom’s happy, everyone’s happy.

  2. Oh my goodness, I cannot even express just how important these breaks are!
    After years of non-stop care giving to my own mom and siblings, then the birth of our 1st daughter, I had a major meltdown. You see in my Mother’s family, you wear exhaustion and self sacrifice like a badge of honor. The more you suffer, the stronger you are.
    Moral of the story, a mani/pedi/massage/aromatherapy session is much more affordable than years spent in psychotherapy.
    And a huge THUMBS UP to your husband for recognizing the need for such a break:)
    Hang in there friend:)

  3. A health crisis 16 years ago sent me in search of a massage therapist – I had three kids and a new career and no time to be out of commission. Since then I have had a massage once a month. It’s not a frill, it’s pure maintenance, like eating and sleeping.

    Be well, Cindy.

  4. Wow — these are very insightful and helpful comments. I’m amazed and pleased at how this has resonated with many smart women. I should have interviewed all of you and included your comments in the Patch column! Special thanks, too, to those of you who left comments after the column directly on the Patch site — my editors appreciate those as much as I do! 😉

  5. Brava to you for good self-care. It is a MUST! A simple way to put ourselves back into balance and health. I have been taking care of my mom and am lucky enough to have a chinese doc come to the house 3 days a week to do acupuncture on her for pain relief. This week it dawned on me: I made an appt. for myself!!

  6. Sounds like a dream I had once! Your husband is a keeper and I’m glad that you had some down time. Definitely need to follow your advice for myself 🙂 Wonderful piece!

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