Playing small?

Stop acting as if life is a dress rehearsal.” — Wayne Dyer

Semi-retirement inspires some people to do the craziest things. And if we’re lucky, it gives us time to revive old dreams and cross a few items off our bucket lists. In my “Our Town” column on Royal Oak Patch this week I share the fun we’re all having working as Michigan film extras and spotting celebrities in downtown Royal Oak. Click here to read it.

— Photo of Doug and me in extras holding on the set of Detroit 1-8-7 —

10 thoughts on “Playing small?

  1. That photo of you two is dynamite–you look like stars! Tickled me no end that you’re having such a good time doing something you like. And no telling where it will lead.

    We haven’t had a freeze here yet, hard to imagine the garden covered in snow. Hope you find good reading for the season.

  2. Everyone, thanks for the cheers and for heading over to Royal Oak Patch to read the whole column — I appreciate your support and your time, especially in this busy season! With all the troubles I’ve had caring for Mom this year, the background acting jobs have really added a welcome touch of fun to the daily grind. And like I said in the Patch column, I’m really proud to be a (small) part of Michigan’s film community.

  3. You look gorgeous and the two of you together make a very handsome couple, indeed. I’ve always thought it would be fun to be an extra, but my time isn’t flexible enough. Perhaps when I’m retired. *smile*

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