Hometown gratitude list

Praise the bridge that carried you over.”  ~George Colman

As the old year winds down, one of my favorite practices is to make a list of all the blessings in my life — people, places, and things for which I’m most grateful. In this week’s Royal Oak Patch column I share more than a dozen hometown “resources” I’ve used and counted on for many years. From my gifted hairstylist to our family doctor, these folks have earned my loyalty. Who’s on your hometown gratitude list? –CL

7 thoughts on “Hometown gratitude list

  1. Thank you for the look at your favorite places for the family needs. Most are new to me because I lived in Royal Oak 56 years ago. But it is still interesting to see some of the changes that have occurred since then.

  2. “Momma” — I hope you’ll keep an eye on Royal Oak Patch (updated several times a day) as you’ll find other stories by other writers who’ve lived in Royal Oak even longer than I have. Gerry Boylan, for instance, writes a wonderful column about his growing up years here in the 1950s and ’60s. You’ll read about many places that will rekindle happy memories…

  3. I love my local farmer’s market in season and Nino’s in winter. I can see my hair salon from my back door–it has a high dome that peeks over the rooflines. And we have a very old and cozy bar and grill on the corner that now serves Black Bean burgers!

  4. I am certain you are a cherished treasure of your city, Cindy.

    and I’m completely jealous of your spacious home (s), in a friendly way of course.

    I love to imagine you embraced by all the loved and special pieces of this life you’ve created.

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