“What Came to Me”

Poetry is a packsack of invisible keepsakes.” ~Carl Sandburg

Amazing, isn’t it — how small things can hold so much? With the precision of a haiku poet, Jane Kenyon delivers a heart-load of emotion in this short but powerful poem. Anyone who loves the domestic arts will fall in love with Kenyon’s poetry. She had a gift for revealing the sacred in the mundane, reminding us that even the most ordinary objects we own can represent a wealth of memories, stories, and lessons. –CL

What Came to Me
By Jane Kenyon

I took the last
dusty piece of china
out of the barrel.
It was your gravy boat,
with a hard, brown
drop of gravy still
on the porcelain lip.
I grieved for you then
as I never had before.

-Reprinted from Jane Kenyon Collected Poems; Graywolf Press; 2005–

— Kitchen photo by Cindy La Ferle —

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12 thoughts on ““What Came to Me”

  1. I’d take this one step further and say that the very richest of our wealth comes from those ordinary moments, things, places, spilling over with beautiful memory. Beautiful verse today …

  2. Cindy, this reminds me of the deepest memories and how often the ones which stir the most have been suppressed in someway or still not completely felt through into wholeness. These moments are essential for coming out in the open and even then to be celebrated! thanks for sharing 😉
    hugs, Jenn

  3. Talk about inspiration — I realized after reading this poem that I do NOT have a gravy boat for the china I always use. So I ordered one. It just arrived, and I suspect I will think of this poem every time i use it ….

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